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TV Review: American Housewife blasts the generic life suggested by its title

ABC’s flagship sitcom Modern Family professes to depict different versions of the typical American family, but the similarly generically titled American Housewife may eventually do a better job. Namely because the title character actually resembles the average American housewife (size 12 to 14) more than Sofia Vergara or Julie Bowen does.

This twist on our main character does nothing to lessen her appeal; in fact, it may even add to it. Maybe it’s her honeyed Southern accent on top of a just-beneath-the-surface frantic energy, but Katy Mixon, late of Mike & Molly and Eastbound & Down, is the kind of person you can instantly hang an entire sitcom on. As Katie, her fourth-wall-breaking voice-over leads us through her introductions of her kids (newly glamorous Taylor, enterprising Oliver, troubled but adorable Anna-Kat) and her hapless husband, Greg (Diedrich Bader, who has proved in series like The Drew Carey Show …

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