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TV Club: Supergirl’s second season premiere takes the show to new heights

As Shakespeare once wrote, “Some TV shows are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” I kid of course, but it’s true that beloved TV shows often have very different origin stories. For every Lostwhich starts with a whizz-bang first season—there’s a Parks & Recreationwhich doesn’t find its feet until season two. I have no idea if Supergirl will join the ranks of TV shows that took a while to find their feet before becoming something truly special. But this second season premiere at least promises that’s a possibility.

Like The Flash crossover episode “Worlds Finest,” “The Adventures Of Supergirl” is chipper, upbeat, and incredibly earnest with a playful energy at its core. It’s just the kind of episode Supergirl needed to prove that it’s willing to retool what didn’t work in the first season …

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