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TV Club: Crisis In Six Scenes ends with Woody Allen giving up

A bomb went off at the end of the penultimate episode of Crisis In Six Scenes, and I didn’t mention it in my write-up. This was partially because it registered more as a blackout gag than a major plot turn, but also because very little that’s happened in this Woody Allen project has carried much weight – dramatic, comic, or otherwise. The final episode attempts to take some of these inconsequential threads and tie them into some kind of payoff, and it doesn’t do a terrible job of it. But there’s only so much it can do with threads that are so thin to begin with.

To the project’s credit, some bits that felt like throwaway padding (albeit often preferable to some of the main stories) came back around for the last episode, most notably the two couples in counseling with Kay (Elaine May). They’re …

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