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Trump-Clinton’s Second Presidential Debate Breaks Twitter, Facebook Records

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton broke a Twitter record with more than 17 million related tweets sent last night.

Additionally, Facebook also enjoyed its most-talked-about debate to-date, as 19.8 million U.S. users generated more than 92.4 million related likes, posts, comments and shares.

With a huge “Sunday Night Football” game on NBC, it is unlikely that Nielsen’s TV ratings will follow suit, record-wise. Trump-Clinton Debate 1 nabbed a massive 84 million total viewers, smashing the longstanding high-water mark there, which was set by Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagan.

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Unsurprisingly, Trump talk dominated the Twitter conversation, with 64 percent of the tweets focusing on the GOP nominee. However, Clinton added 25,000 followers last night to Trump’s 16,000.

There, the most-tweeted-about policies were terrorism, foreign affairs, the economy, healthcare and guns, though Trump’s treatment of women was more discussed than any of those.

The Top 3 most-tweeted moments were:
1) Trump says he disagrees with Pence in regards to Syria policy
2) Trump says he’s a gentleman
3) Trump says Hillary would be in jail in his administration

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On Facebook, Trump actually accounted for 74 percent on the discussion. Below are the top moments and topics on that giant social media platform.

Top Social Moments

  1. Trump dismisses his running mate: “He and I haven’t spoken, and I disagree.”
  2. Trump responds to Clinton saying it’s good someone like him isn’t in charge of the law: “Because you’d be in jail.”
  3. Trump: “No, I’m a gentleman, Hillary. Go ahead.”

Top Topics

  1. ISIS
  2. Trump Tapes
  3. Taxes
  4. Government Ethics
  5. Healthcare
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