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Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Another October, another bestselling Girl

“For adults” is a relative distinction in a marketplace dominated by comic-book adaptations, YA adaptations, and animated features. Still, we’re tempted to celebrate the box-office success of any movie that doesn’t seem specifically targeted at 13-year-olds, even when said success is a middling take on an airport-fiction bestseller. Case in point: The Girl On The Train, which opened to $24.7 million to win the first weekend of October. That’s a good $14 million less than what Gone Girl, its plainest antecedent, made on the same calendar weekend two years ago—a fitting fate, given that Girl On The Train is, by the most generous of accounts, 65-percent less awesome than David Fincher’s Girl-themed whodunit about beautiful missing people. (The quality dip probably begins on the page, but it doesn’t help that they traded the director of Zodiac for the director of The Help …

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