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Newswire: Tom DeLonge got himself mixed up in the WikiLeaks email mess

WikiLeaks was once an important resource that exposed dangerous hypocrisy and illegal cover-ups, but lately it has transitioned into sort of an edgier, more political take on TMZ. Instead of screaming at celebrities on the street, though, WikiLeaks gets most of its information by innocently receiving hacked/leaked emails sent from anonymous third parties that have no ulterior motives and may or may not say the word “comrade” a lot. Also, much like how TMZ latches onto certain celebrities, WikiLeaks is openly targeting Hillary Clinton in an attempt to punish her for her supposed crimes against transparency or whatever.

However, the latest WikiLeaks email dump didn’t just bring more of Clinton’s secrets into the daylight. It also inadvertently wrapped former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge into all of this nonsense by once again highlighting his well-known fascination with aliens. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, DeLonge’s name …

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