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Newswire: Stream all of Fake Limbs’ great new noise rock epic

Sometimes, a great record just needs to take over your ears. Especially in the middle of a dark and unpleasant period of American politics, with an election season that most of us are hoping would just disappear into a sinkhole and never come back, it’s important to have art that can come like a cleansing fire. Blasting the daily noise of our culture out of the way is Fake Limbs’ new album, Matronly. An exhilarating explosion of post-hardcore guitar rock, the Chicago group’s latest assault on safe music and regressive ideas comes with an even more cathartic assemblage of songs than its last release. The self-described “social justice street rock” of the band follows in the grand tradition of groups like The Jesus Lizard and Stnnng, with angular and jagged riffs fused to pounding rhythms and holler-’till-you’re-hoarse vocals. The entire album is streaming today as an …

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