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Newswire: Jemaine Clement joins FX’s Legion, did tell us he was freaky

FX offered an extensive preview of its trippy new mutant-powered series Legion at New York Comic Con this weekend. Half the pilot was screened at the panel, and executive producer Noah Hawley discussed the show’s connection to all the other X-Men media out there. The series stars Dan Stevens as David Haller (a.k.a. Legion), a schizophrenic patient who, while under the care of a therapist (Jean Smart), begins to realize he’s actually a powerful mutant. Aubrey Plaza co-stars as, surprisingly enough, an eternal-optimist type who struggles with substance abuse.

This advance look also set Legion’s tone, which will apparently borrow some of the whimsy and poignance of Pushing Daisies. But in all the talk of Legion’s leisure suit and Pink Floyd inspiration for character names, one little detail was relegated to Hawley’s Instagram account.

It looks like Jemaine Clement is involved in the …

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