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Newswire: Dr. Dre threatens to sue Sony over Lifetime movie painting him as abusive

It’s been a rough few days on the internet, especially in terms of men facing (or refusing to face) their sexist, abusive behavior in the past. And, well, here’s another story to throw onto the pile. It may be cold comfort, but at least we can say this: This story isn’t going to ruin anything for you that hasn’t already been ruined. The domestic abuse allegations against Dr. Dre are already well-known.

So well known, in fact, that Lifetime made an upcoming TV movie, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, And Me, detailing one of those abusive relationships:

The film is a biopic of R&B singer Michel’le, who has maintained for years that Dr. Dre was violently abusive towards her during the course of her six-year relationship with the rapper/producer-turned-billionaire businessman. Dre hasn’t denied that he was abusive, either: During the press tour for Straight …

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