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Newswire: Don’t expect any leaked Apprentice footage before election day, Mark Burnett says

Ever since The Washington Post published the tape of Donald Trump casually bragging about forcibly kissing and groping women on the set of Access Hollywood back in 2005, a question has been hanging ominously in the air: If that’s the kind of stuff he said on a single appearance on someone else’s TV show, what kind of bigoted garbage was he spewing forth on his home turf of The Apprentice? (You know, besides trying to hit on crew members by comparing them to his daughter.)

There’s even a petition, currently at nearly 38,000 signatures at the time of his writing, claiming NBC and MGM have a moral imperative to release whatever racist and/or misogynist recordings Donald Trump left behind on the set of his reality show like so many rabbit droppings. But The Apprentice pooper-scooper-in-chief Mark Burnett has some bad news for those hopeful that …

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