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Newswire: Better than Burger Chef: Vincent Kartheiser is now KFC’s hunky Colonel

Once the star of a retro TV show about ad campaigns, Vincent Kartheiser is now in a retro ad campaign himself. According to AdWeek, the man formerly known as Pete Campbell is the new Colonel for KFC. Kartheiser is reportedly being billed as the “heartthrob Nashville Hot Colonel,” and he’s been done up to look like the lovechild of the company’s mascot and Elvis. Per AdWeek, KFC “sought out a young actor with lots of hair and flair. Vincent’s vintage good looks and piercing blue eyes made him perfect for the role.” These details—and the fact that we can’t quite get the image of Pete out of our heads—make the character about 10 times creepier than he already is, and, to be honest, he’s always been sort of unnerving.

And lest you think Pete would turn his nose up at this opportunity, may …

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