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Great Job, Internet!: Watch the entire O.J. trial unfold in real time

If you finished both the multi-Emmy Award winning FX miniseries American Crime Story and the critically acclaimed ESPN documentary O.J.: Made In America, and somehow found your self saying, “Gee, I could use about 300 more hours of this stuff,” you’re in luck! Since January of this year, the YouTube channel OJ Trial Uncut has been uploading all the unedited footage from the 1995 court case, allowing O.J.-obsessed viewers to experience the criminal justice system in real time.

The videos range from 30 minutes to two hours in length and each one includes a description of the parties present on that particular day in court. As of the writing of this article, the host of the channel has only uploaded through July 12, 1995, which means we’re just over halfway through the nearly 10-month-long trial. And since you’re probably wondering, the infamous glove video …

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