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Great Job, Internet!: Let’s forget the weekend by learning about where dogs come from

A lot of stuff happened this weekend, from that Trump tape, to people reacting to the Trump tape, to America’s former sweetheart Billy Bush getting in trouble over the Trump tape, and then that whole presidential debate where Donald Trump loomed over Hillary Clinton’s shoulder like a gargoyle while she answered questions from the audience, so if there was ever a Monday that needed to give people a way to rinse all of the toxic sludge out of their brains and replace it with something a bit more cheery, then today is that Monday. Thankfully, The Atlantic has just what we all need: A cute, educational cartoon about dogs.

You like dogs, right? They’re fun, they’re playful, and they like to sniff butts. In fact, we’re willing to go on the record as stating that dogs are pretty much man’s best friend—and we …

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