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Game Review: Gears Of War 4 doesn’t reinvent the chainsaw, and it doesn’t need to

When Microsoft bought Gears Of War from Epic Games two years ago, the tech giant clearly knew what it was getting: a technically accomplished, genre-defining shooter with a built-in multiplayer following and a fast, brutal tone. Microsoft, to its credit, didn’t try to fix what wasn’t broken with its new buy. Instead, the company hired original Gears producer Rod Fergusson to head up its new development team, pointed them toward the Xbox One and PC, and let them get to work. The end result is Gears Of War 4, a game that iterates, as opposed to innovates, and does so with confidence and skill.

The Gears template remains as it has for the last three (technically four) games. Players take on the role of gun-toting musclemen on the war-torn planet of Sera, a paradise of waist-high walls and murderous fauna. Across three game modes—Campaign, Versus, and Horde …

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