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For Our Consideration: Chew’s hero bit into people, and also our culinary obsessions

Meet Tony Chu. He lives in a world ravaged by avian flu, where all poultry is outlawed, federal food regulatory agencies are our nation’s highest policing forces, and dissidents stalk chicken speakeasies for a piece of fried wing or thigh. Working for the Special Crimes Division of the FDA, Chu is a cibopath, able to psychically map the life story of anything simply by taking a taste. A single bite of a tomato will immediately conjure memories of its journey from seed to fruit: its terroir and exposure to pesticides, and even how and when it was plucked from the vine. From hamburgers to human flesh, his superhuman strength works on everything except beets, which he habitually eats to stay not only sated but sane.

Chu is the lead character in Chew, the award-winning, New York Times-bestselling comic book that satirizes our modern obsession with everything culinary. Since …

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