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11 Most Awkward Moments From 2nd Presidential Debate

It’s up to the American people to decide which candidate won the second presidential debate on Sunday night, but there’s no denying the second showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was full of awkward moments.

For starters, viewers were quick to point out how creepy Trump looked while lurking behind Clinton as she spoke. Meanwhile, Internet fashion sleuths discovered Melania Trump was actually wearing a “pussy-bow” dress — a revelation that came just days after her husband was caught on a hot mic talking about grabbing women by the crotch.

Take a look at the mix of memes, gifs and videos to see 11 of the most awkward moments below.

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1. Trump Humping the Chair

Is he dry-humping that chair?#debate

— Arnie Niekamp (@misterarnie) October 10, 2016

Did @realDonaldTrump get consent from this chair at the #debate?

— HuckabeesGayFriend (@HucksGayBFF) October 10, 2016

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2. Trump Lurking in the Shadows

Hillary turn around there’s something behind you girl TURN AROUND. #horrormovie #debate -H

— Heather & Jessica (@fuggirls) October 10, 2016

3. Clinton Had a ‘Westworld’ Moment When a Fly Landed on Her Face

The real winner of this #debate is the pesky fly.

— Petrol Boomin (@A_A_Ron_Rodgers) October 10, 2016

4. Tiffany Trump Dodges Dad’s Kiss

Tiffany Trump skillfully pulls away from her dad’s kiss #debate

— BryFun (@BryFun1) October 10, 2016

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5. No Handshake

6. Trump’s “You’d Be in Jail” Comment

7. When No One Could Decide Who Would Talk First

8. The Final Question — What Do They Respect About Each Other?

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9. Everyone, Including Moderators, Interrupting Each Other

“Anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you” ????
“No you can’t” ????
“Yes I can” ???? #debate #DebateKaraoke

— Wads (@Willcadams) October 10, 2016

“You’re the one that I want!”
“You are the one I want”

— Liz Pierson (@liz_pierson) October 10, 2016

10. Melania Trump’s ‘Pussy-Bow’ Blouse


— Nick Frankowski (@NickFrankowski) October 10, 2016

#MelaniaTrump opted to wear the $1,100 #Gucci “Pussy-Bow” silk top ????#putabowonit

— Ɱıƈąɧ ʝƐʂʂƐ (@MicahJesse) October 10, 2016

11. Trump Disagrees With His Own Running Mate

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