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TV Club: The Simpsons’ “hate-cation” to Boston is funnier than you’d expect

Almost every bit of promotional material for “The Town” did not look promising. In what’s undoubtedly an effective marketing move, Fox made this “Simpsons go to Boston” episode look like a non-stop parade of New England Patriots-bashing, something at least, let’s say conservatively, 85 per cent of Americans who give a damn about football can get behind. Plus, scheduled or not, the fact that this episode airs on the very day that Patriot’s quarterback/lighting rod Tom Brady came back from the “Deflategate” suspension to stomp all over the hapless Cleveland Browns can’t help but work in the show/network’s favor. For proof of intent, only look at the promo pictures Fox provided for the episode, most of which feature suspiciously Patriots-esque caricatures of the likes of Brady (described by the game announcer as “dropping sexily back to pass”), the silently glowering, hoodie-wearing coach who …

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