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TV Club: Teddy goes boating for love, with predictable results

Every so often, Bob’s Burgers pulls out something new. The end of “Sea Me Now” gets cinematic as Teddy finally lets go of his ex-wife Denise. There’s a subtle, melancholy music cue, and the lighting shifts noticeably, with the literal sunset matching Teddy’s own personal conclusion. When he fires the flare and lights his boat on fire, it’s a big, soaring moment, something that feels like the logical endpoint of an entire movie’s worth of storytelling. Bob’s Burgers has had some beautiful moments before, but I don’t know if it’s ever lingered in earnest, deeply felt sentiment to the same extent it does there, with no hint of humor to undercut the immediacy of that moment. “Sea Me Now” steps outside the show’s normal reality and, in so doing, expands the range of places its stories can takes us to.

It …

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