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TV Club: Shameless has its characters explore modern romance, with mixed results

When I spoke with Shameless executive producer Nancy M. Pimental—who also wrote “Swipe, Fuck, Leave”—this summer, one of the things I was interested in was how they approach telling stories in the seventh season of a show like Shameless. When you have a show that has already told this much story, where do you go next without the show falling into overly familiar patterns? If this show is going to run for at least one more season beyond this one, and potentially even longer, how do you keep telling stories when you don’t have a clear end goal to shoot for?

Pimental spoke about “having new stories in an old environment” in response to this question, which is true, but I would argue “Swipe, Fuck, Leave” showcases a separate approach she didn’t touch on. Kevin, Veronica, and Svetlana’s new arrangement is the kind of storyline …

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