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TV Club: Lin-Manuel Miranda brings energy (and Hamilton) to SNL

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [huge, all-time Broadway musical] star!”

First up, a confession—I’d never heard all of Hamilton before today when, as dutiful reviewer, I shotgunned the entire cast album in an afternoon. The fact that my respect for the talents of tonight’s host, Lin-Manuel Miranda, shot skyward afterward, and that that improbably thrilling musical was ringing in my head while watching Miranda on SNL had me trying to tamp down my expectations. When a host whose contributions to entertainment perhaps overshadows Saturday Night Live’s itself, it’s generally a recipe for a bit of a letdown, and this was no exception, although still a fine episode on its own. That Miranda was so clearly excited to be hosting a show he says he’s watched since he was a kid (even dropping a Laraine Newman reference as proof during his “My …

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