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TV Club: In its second episode, Westworld settles in for the long haul

In its first episode, Westworld spent the majority of its time focused on the inner workings of the amusement park that gives the show its name. What time we spent with guests outside of Ed Harris’s Man in Black was minimal, and the Man in Black is such a curious figure that he hardly counts as representatives of the park’s regular clientele. “Chestnut” follows several of the characters we met last week, teasing out certain storylines and introducing others, and it also spends a decent chunk of its running time on a pair of outsiders: William and his asshole co-worker. The asshole co-worker has a name, but the guy is such a blatant stand-in for “Generic Alpha Male Type” that I’m not sure he deserves one.

William (Jimmi Simpson) is slightly more compelling, if only because at this point, it’s still unsure if he’s going …

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