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TV Club: Divorce unsparingly shows the dark side of sex in suburbia

What if Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw had married boring old Aidan, instead of dashing Mr. Big? What if that package came with a house in the suburbs, two kids, bitter new friends, and a fairly unfortunate mustache? Sarah Jessica Parker’s return to HBO TV, Divorce, appears to offer just that kind of dark-tinged scenario for our formerly fierce heroine, now snowbound and adulterous and seemingly far from her glittery Manhattan.

Sterling Jerins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlie Kilgore (Photo: HBO)

Because SJP, as much as we like her, pretty much just plays SJP again here, just as she did on her previous series. As Divorce’s Frances, her usual reactions—belly laughs with friends; pleadings with paramours; some somber, serious head-shaking—are all in play. She’s still our appealing, sympathetic heroine (albeit with a few less wisecracks), so Divorce offers a valuable turn when it’s …

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