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TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead gets ugly real fast at the morgue

Are we having fun yet? Good grief. After last week’s humbling homecoming from the village idiots of Elk Grove, Michigan, Ash and the Ghost Beaters (feat. Ruby “Bigfoot” Knowby) get back to business in the franchise’s foulest chapter to date. Screenwriter Cameron Welsh makes his series debut behind the typewriter and doesn’t waste an ominous title like “The Morgue,” sowing some filthy, despicable, and unprecedented carnage into the Evil Dead lore. Case in point: Have you ever seen someone pulled through a corpse’s rotten anus and smothered in cold feces? Didn’t think so.

Needless to say, things could be better for Ash. Recently, he was living like a god in Jacksonville, Florida, chugging never-ending beers to Icona Pop. Now, he’s eating shit literally and figuratively, whether it’s from the aforementioned corpse or from his functioning asshole father Brock Williams (Lee Majors)–alas he …

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