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Newswire: Tom Waits is taking on a French circus in totally wacky, upbeat legal battle

You wouldn’t normally expect to hear Tom Waits’ music associated with a typical American circus—what with all of the clowns, laughs, and general merriment—but combining Waits’ music with a French circus actually seems like a perfect match. Perhaps that’s why French circus star Bartabas decided to do just that for his latest show, an equestrian opera called On Achève Bien Les Anges that prominently features 16 of Waits’ songs. However, it seems as if Bartabas didn’t actually get Waits’ permission beforehand, and now the musician is taking the circus performer to court.

This comes from The Guardian (via Pitchfork), which notes that this is actually Waits’ second attempt to shut down the show. His initial bid to stop production in France was rejected by the courts, and now he’s trying to prevent it from touring in the United Kingdom. Waits says that his songs …

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