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Newswire: Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter and a new Spider-Man cartoon are coming to Disney XD

Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell has moved on to a new show (ABC’s Conviction), but it’s clear that Peggy still holds a big place in her heart. In fact, Atwell recently admitted that she has a habit of bugging Marvel executives about bringing her character back in some way, and now it seems like that strategy may have actually worked out for her. The Agent Carter show isn’t coming back just yet—and probably never will—but Atwell will actually be returning to voice Carter on Disney XD’s Avengers: Secret Wars cartoon.

That comes from Comic Book Resources, which says Secret Wars will be a continuation of the network’s ongoing Avengers Assemble animated series. The CBR story doesn’t say how big of a role Carter will play, but it does say that other “fan-favorite Marvel heroes” like Black Panther and Ant-Man will be appearing …

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