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Newswire: Bruce Springsteen says Trump’s promises to working-class voters are a “con job”

Bruce Springsteen is sort of the patron saint of blue collar, working-class Americans, so even though he’s so rich and famous these days that he shouldn’t feel obligated to give a damn about anybody, he just wouldn’t be The Boss if he didn’t look out for the little guys. This being 2016, that mostly means warning people about the dangers of listening to the siren song of Donald Trump, whose rise to prominence has been largely because of his efforts to convince people that all of their problems can be blamed on foreigners, Muslims, and women—really, anyone but wealthy, white businessmen. Late last month, Springsteen dismissed Trump as “a moron,” calling his campaign “a tragedy for our democracy.”

Now, Springsteen is knocking Trump again, this time expressing his concerns about the damage his campaign has already done. Speaking at the New Yorker Festival on Friday …

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