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For Our Consideration: Gaming’s most honest romance has you bake a real cake for virtual love

Whoever said “Love isn’t selfish” had clearly never played through a love story in a modern video game. Whether it’s BioWare’s customary buffet of easily seduceable party members, or the voice-in-your-ear flirtation of Halo’s Cortana, video game love has always been about giving players what they want, at no cost or sacrifice to themselves. By the nature of the medium, it’s a one-way street: fresh emotions and the thrill of safe romance, served up with no effort from players outside the occasional dialogue choice.

Canadian writer Christine Love is one of the few designers actively interested in exploring the absurdity inherent in this idea of romantic feelings between a flesh-and-blood human and an animated pile of dialogue and code. Playing through games like Digital: A Love Story or Don’t Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story, you won’t find “companion …

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