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Coming Distractions: Guillermo Del Toro goes kid-friendly in this trailer for Netflix’s Trollhunters

Guillermo Del Toro is known for packing his films with striking, horrific imagery and for taking on projects that never actually get made, but his new Netflix series doesn’t seem to fit either of those. Not only is it actually coming out, but it happens to be a kid-targeted show about young people having a wild adventure with some (generally) friendly monsters. The show is called Trollhunters, and it centers on a group of friends who find themselves tasked with protecting a group of good trolls from the evil forces of the bad trolls, and though that may sound a little simple, this trailer reveals some of Del Toro’s signature style when it gets into the magical world of the trolls.

Unfortunately, we now have to bring everybody down by noting that apparent lead character Jim was voiced by Anton Yelchin, who died back in June. At this …

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