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Carrie Fisher Says Donald Trump’s Sniffles Are ‘Absolutely’ a Cocaine Thing

“Star Wars” star and acclaimed author Carrie Fisher says she knows exactly why Donald Trump has a constant case of the sniffles during the presidential debates, and her conclusion is the same as everybody else’s: cocaine.

During Sunday night’s second presidential debates, a fan tweeted at Fisher asking if Trump’s sniffle was due to coke use.

“Tell me something about that sniffle…coke head or no?” asked the fan.

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“I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY,” replied Fisher.

@reimamy I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY

Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) October 10, 2016

The Donald has been getting a lot of attention for his nose issues. During the first presidential debate, the Republican candidate was frequently sniffing. Social media quickly took notice and had a ball mocking his sniffles.

It seems like the only person who didn’t notice Trump’s sniffles was… Trump. The incessant sniffling was still present the second time around.

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Fisher’s expertise on the signs of whether somebody is a cokehead comes from her own past drug addiction, which Fisher herself has never shied away from discussing.

Trump’s sniffles were a big topic of conversation after the first debate on September 27, and the sniffles returned for the second debate — thus the question for Fisher.

To find out if Trump’s sniffles will persist, tune in October 19 for the third and finale presidential debate.

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