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Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It’s OK to Call Ivanka ‘A Piece of Ass’

A 2006 interview between Donald Trump and shock jock Howard Stern discussing the sexuality of Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka surfaced online Saturday.

Be warned, it pretty creepy.

TRUMP: “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka.”

STERN: “By the way, your daughter.”

TRUMP: “She’s beautiful.”

STERN: “Can I say this? A piece of ass.”

TRUMP: “Yeah.”

After Stern asks to be introduced to Ivanka, the Republican nominee joked, “You are the last person I would introduce her to.”

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There’s more. A review by CNN’s KFile uncovered hours of newly uncovered audio featuring  Trump engaging in crude and demeaning conversations about women over a 17-year-period with radio shock-jock Howard Stern.

Besides Trump discussing his daughter Ivanka’s physique, other topics include: checking out of a relationship with women after they turn 35, having sex with women on their menstrual cycles, threesomes, etc.

In his interviews with Stern, Trump discussed leaving women after a certain age and dating younger women, calling 30 “a perfect age.”

“What is it at 35? It’s called check-out time,” Trump said.

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Trump freely talked about his sex life on Stern’s radio program and willingly engaging in a discussion about intercourse during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

STERN: “Donald, seriously, you would not, right, am I correct?”

TRUMP: “Well, I’ve been there. I have been there Howard, as we all have.”

STERN: “You don’t like it?”

TRUMP: “Well, sometimes you get there by mistake.”

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In a 2008 interview, when co-host Artie Lang asked Trump if he ever had a threesome —  describing multiple women together weighing 300 pounds — Trump responded in the affirmative.

“I wouldn’t say 300, I would say could be about 375,” said Trump. “I figure 125 a piece as opposed to 100.”

“Haven’t we all,” Trump added about men having threesomes. “Are we babies?”

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