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11 Hilarious ‘SNL’ Election Sketches, From Scheming Reagan To ‘Yuge’ Bernie Sanders (Videos)

If there’s one good thing about this chaotic election, it’s that it has given the comedians of America an endless well of material. “Saturday Night Live” has certainly dug into that well, with plenty of skits poking fun at Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump (the latter of which, ironically, hosted last year). Here are some of the best “SNL” sketches from this election, along with classics from elections past, starting with Alec Baldwin‘s parody of Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

If you asked someone to name an “SNL” election sketch, they will likely come up with Tina Fey‘s famous 2008 parody of Sarah Palin. Fey’s quip about how Palin could see Russia from her house immediately entered the zeitgeist and became one of the most famous “SNL” jokes ever.

The laughs over “Fey-lin” reached their peak when the real Sarah Palin showed up to take over for Fey, showing that the resemblance between the comedienne and the governor of Alaska.

Imagine an alternate universe where Al Gore won the 2000 election. Well, Al Gore himself is here to show you what kind of speech he would have made as our 43rd president. Don’t worry about George W. Bush. He landed a nice cushy job as the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

When Amy Poehler left “SNL,” Kate McKinnon was tasked with taking up her job as the show’s Hillary Clinton impersonator. Last year, the two reunited for a very special Clinton Christmas sketch that highlighted toe duo’s different approaches to impersonating the Democratic candidate. .

For “SNL,” the breakout performance of this election has been Larry David and his impersonation of Bernie Sanders. The finest example of his work is “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” where David gets to combine the two roles that have made him one of the biggest stars of 2016.

One of the longest running impersonations in “SNL” history is Darrell Hammond‘s parody of Bill Clinton, which has been going for almost a quarter-century now. Here’s a quick clip of Hammond after Bill Clinton was cleared of perjury in the Monica Lewinsky case.

Several actors have impersonated George W. Bush on “SNL,” but the most famous by far is Will Ferrell‘s version. Here’s a recent skit in which Ferrell shows Dubya announcing his endorsement for president.

Back in 2012, Taran Killam starred in this riff on undecided voters whom politicians desperately try to court for votes…even if they’ve been living under a rock.

In 1984, “SNL” political impersonators included the likes of Phil Hartman and Joe Piscopo, the latter of whom can be seen here scheming with Sammy Davis, Jr. (Billy Crystal) on how to come out on top in the re-election campaign.

Finally, here’s McKinnon again in a Hillary Clinton ad that tries to reach out to millennials disappointed that Bernie Sanders didn’t win.

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