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TV Club: Z Nation gets its gross groove back with a violent and intense hour

10k needs a moment. Since the season properly began (not including the flashback opener, in other words), he’s been Murphy’s pawn, trapped within the infected state that Murphy’s bite condemns him. It’s made the character unable to stand on his own, because despite the ability to think and feel for himself, losing control of his actions to Murphy has made him unreliable, narratively. He could do anything at any moment, and that weakens our ability to anticipate his actions. It doesn’t mean we can’t understand or empathize with him—his realization last week about his predicament was tragic—but it means he’s not a wholly coherent character, because he’s not coherent to himself.

One of the best things about “Escorpion And The Red Hand” is the way it allows 10k to recapture his dignity, by letting him escape Murphy’s control. Someone …

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