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Staff Picks: Suggested storing, reading, and listening

Talenti gelato containers

Talenti ice cream—I beg your pardon, gelato e sorbetto—is good. It’s not the greatest pint out there (Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream lives up to its name when not being recalled for listeria), but for the price, Talenti is hard to beat. Its sorbets especially, like the pure, concentrated Roman Raspberry, are where it’s at. But Talenti’s joys don’t end once the last teaspoon of Mediterranean Mint has been scraped from the container. In my apartment (and many friends’ apartments), the Talenti containers themselves live a second life storing beans, grains, dried herbs, and spare change. With their screw-top lids, they’ve become my go-to for vinaigrette making (i.e., shaking) and transporting. The containers’ plastic makes for a lighter load than glass jars, which is especially nice if you carry your work lunch on public transportation, and they don’t …

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