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Pierce Brosnan Keeps It Classy in Indian Ad Campaign, Internet Laughs Anyway

Pierce Brosnan gave the people of India quite a surprise on Friday morning when he appeared in a full-page ad for the pan masala brand Pan Bahar.

The actor, best known for playing super-suave secret agent James Bond in four films, is not the first celebrity to appear in a foreign advertisement. If you don’t believe that, just watch this Nicolas Cage commercial from Japan.

But people online are definitely having fun at Brosnan’s expense, with plenty of “shaken, not stirred” jokes to go around.

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Read some of the reactions below.

I still have no idea what Pan Bahar is but I want it. @PierceBrosnan

– Brian Jenkins (@thatbjenkins) October 7, 2016

First of all….WHY did it had to be #PierceBrosnan?
Second! Does the poor man aware what’s he promoting? #PanBahar

– Niloufer D. ???? (@nilustweet) October 7, 2016

Pierce Brosnan did the Indian version of Suntory ad with Pan Bahar

– Amit Chauhan (@amyth005) October 7, 2016

Remember when celebs would do ads in other countries they’d never do in the US? I think Pierce Brosnan forgot the internet changed that.

– Sarah Welstead (@SarahWelstead) October 7, 2016

Pierce Brosnan was 007. Now he is Supariman!

– Ramachandran (Rama) (@indiarama) October 7, 2016

Everyone knows Pan Bahar but who is this Pierce Brosnan??

– BR Natarajan (@deannattu) October 7, 2016

And now #PierceBrosnan adoring Paan Bahar… Hope now Morgan Freeman will not come for Relaxo Chappals.

– Sarvaani Shah (@Sarvaani_Magic) October 7, 2016

If #PierceBrosnan were to come back as #JamesBond, the title of the movie would be: The Spy Who ‘Pan’ned Me!

– Viju Cherian (@vijucherian) October 7, 2016

Me right now, and the whole day today #PierceBrosnan #PanBahar

– Dhiraj Sagar (@Dhiriously) October 7, 2016

Does Pierce Brosnan endorsing Pan Bahar mean a lot of people are going to go to pan shops and say, “one Pan Bahar, shaken, not stirred”?

– Nilesh Surana ✈️ (@nileshsurana) October 7, 2016

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