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NY Post Mocks Mayor Bill de Blasio as a Baby: ‘Aww, Did We Hurt Your Feelings?’ (Photo)

The New York Post blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday’s cover after he refused to take questions from the tabloid during a Thursday press conference.

The Post’s cover calls the politician “DE WAAASIO” and reads, “Rattled mayor lashes out at Post — aww, did we hurt your feelings?” The image is a baby de Blasio sitting in a high chair with some with a bib and bottle.

Today’s cover: Mayor de Blasio’s tantrum shows just how thin-skinned he is

— New York Post (@nypost) October 7, 2016

On Thursday De Blasio said that he has “no use for a right-wing rag that attacks good public servants and tries to undermine their reputation.”

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Inside the paper, the Post’s story is headlined, “De Blasio’s tantrum shows just how thin-skinned he is.” The digital version of the story features embedded video of the mayor refusing to answer questions from a Post City Hall bureau chief Yoav Gonen.

“The petulant child’s routine immediately backfired when other reporters, shocked at his behavior, grilled him about why he refused to respond to The Post,” the Post wrote.

Former de Blasio press secretary Karen Hinton predicted what would happen next.

“I’ve given him advice before about this very topic,” she told NY1. “Losing your temper with the news media does nothing for you except get you stories about losing your temper, which is I’m afraid what we’re going to see this afternoon and tomorrow.”

Watch the mayor’s press conference above.

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