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Newswire: @midnight renewed for a fourth season

Good new for fans of #Hashtags, Twitter mash-ups, and aggressively shouted POINTS: Comedy Central has announced that it’s renewing Chris Hardwick’s @midnight for a fourth season. According to Deadline, the show has received another 40-week pick-up, pushing its run well into 2017.

Despite its name, @midnight was recently bumped up by half an hour, taking over The Nightly Show’s old timeslot on weekday nights. (Presumably, nobody thought @11:30 p.m. had the same ring to it, sadly.) It’s not clear whether the move was just a temporary measure to shore up a gap in Comedy Central’s schedule, though, or if the earlier time will be the show’s new permanent home.

Hardwick and his rotating crew of stand-up comics, comedy writers, and assorted internet celebrities had a strong 2016, holding tight to their favorable demographics—i.e., young dudes. They also landed Comedy Central …

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