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Newswire: Elon Musk, other tech billionaires are trying to bust us out of The Matrix

The Wachowskis’ Matrix trilogy has elicited many a “whoa” since the debut of its first film in 1999—no one’s looked at batteries or Keanu Reeves the same since. The heady themes raised questions about base reality and whether or not the machines had violated Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics when they turned all of humanity into a power source (to say nothing of all the nitpicking of the feasibility of the machines’ plan in the first place). Well, those dorm room conversations have spilled into Silicon Valley, where tech impresarios like Elon Musk are now convinced that we all live in a simulation, and one we’ve got to get out of soon.

This comes from The Independent’s tech blog, which has tracked the development of Musk’s mission over the last six months. Back in May, the site reported that the Tesla co-founder had opened …

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