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Newswire: Ben Affleck is Kevin Smith’s favorite Batman, obviously

Speaking at a Comic Book Men panel yesterday at New York Comic Con, Kevin Smith shocked nobody in the room when he confirmed that Ben Affleck is his preferred Dark Knight. According to, Smith lays out a pretty specific explanation behind his choice:

Ben Affleck rules as the Batman. The brilliance of Zack Snyder said, “let’s make him look and move like the video game Batman”. I mean it used to be Michael Keaton, and fuck, Mr. Mom doesn’t hit too hard, but Ben comes in and blows up 12 people just coming in the door.

That’s a serious finned-gauntlet being thrown down, so it warrants scrutiny. Yes, if you go by the rubric of punches per frame of film, the Mallrats director has a point; say what you will about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but the warehouse scene alone makes it quantifiably …

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