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Music Review: The young punks of Joyce Manor’s Cody struggle to grow up

Joyce Manor broke out on the strength of a blisteringly catchy debut album that had basically crossed enemy lines. The band was held in high regard both by fresh-faced, college-age music fans flocking to the band’s emotionally ragged lyrics as well as by the bearded, beer-swilling Peter Pans whose annual holiday weekend falls right around whenever The Fest kicks off. But Joyce Manor was, and continues to be, a band far bolder than its peers in either scene. From the new wave and lo-fi tendencies of its sophomore album (which they quickly left in the dust by punking out the songs live) to the divisive stance it took on stage-diving at shows, Joyce Manor was cut from a different cloth.

No doubt its second full-length for gigantic indie Epitaph Records and fourth overall would feature subtle musical risks and less aggression after the amplified and somewhat settled-in sound they …

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