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Interview: Don Coscarelli and friends reflect on 40 years of Phantasm

Nearly 40 years after the release of the original Phantasm, the story of brothers Mike and Jody, their guitar-playing, ice cream-slinging pal Reggie, and their fight against the grave-robbing inter-dimensional shapeshifter known as The Tall Man continues in the fifth film in the Phantasm series, Phantasm: Ravager. Remarkably for a franchise with such longevity, Phantasm: Ravager utilizes much of the same cast and crew as the original film—in fact, it’s the first Phantasm movie not to be directed by series creator Don Coscarelli. But Coscarelli was still heavily involved in the production as a writer and producer, part of a close-knit group of collaborators that made the movie on a shoestring budget over the course of nearly a decade.

The A.V. Club joined Coscarelli, director David Hartman, star Reggie Bannister, and co-producer Gigi Bannister in a crowded private karaoke room in Austin the day after Phantasm: Ravager …

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