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Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Mapping the United States through songs and memories

For writer Jeff Kirshman, Kanye West’s 2007 track “Homecoming” will always remind him of the year he moved to Wyoming and the jukebox at a place called Wonder Bar, which became an important part of his social life. That’s the kind of strong personal association with a piece of music that Brooklyn magazine is spotlighting through an ambitious project called “The Musical Map Of The United States.” Each state of the union is represented by a specific song, though some states (including Illinois and California) get two songs apiece and Ohio somehow merits three. It would be possible to map the most popular or famous song from each state, but that’s not really what this project is about. At the heart of it, this is a collection of personal essays in which various writers explain why they associate particular songs with particular states. As the project’s …

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