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Big Issues: DC’s revival goes beyond Rebirth with a pair of exceptional debuts

Each week, Big Issues focuses on newly released comic books of significance. This week, they are Deadman: Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love #1, written by Sarah Vaughn (Alex & Ada, Ruined) with art by Lan Medina (Aquaman And The Others, District X) and colors by José Villarrubia (Betty & Veronica, Sweet Tooth), and Midnighter & Apollo #1, written by Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Supergirl) with art by Fernando Blanco (Batman & Robin Eternal, The Phantom Stranger) and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. (The Omega Men, Wonder Woman). These two comics have dramatically different tones and subject matter, but are both genuinely progressive, finding fresh angles for established characters and concepts to show different sides of the superhero genre.

Four months into DC Comics’ Rebirth publishing initiative, it’s safe to say that the company has effectively revitalized its main line of superhero titles. Last month’s Crosstalk on Rebirth explored the smart …

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