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TV Club: Family reunions bring heavy emotions to All Stars 2’s makeover challenge

“Family That Drags Together” is an emotional roller coaster. The makeover episodes are usually a lot of fun, but an influx of family drama gives this episode significantly more weight than past makeover challenges. Bringing in the remaining all stars’ female family members for makeovers is an inspired decision by RuPaul, but the timing doesn’t work out well for Alyssa and Detox, who are both mourning the anniversaries of their parents’ deaths. The pain is especially raw for Alyssa, who sees her sister, Tabatha, for the first time since their mother’s funeral one year ago, almost to the day.

There have been many tearful moments in Drag Race’s seven-year herstory, but few have hit as hard as Alyssa and Tabatha’s first conversation on the couch. I don’t know how much of it is staged by producers who want to create powerful moments, but it doesn …

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