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TV Club: A case too questionable for the Keating Five is probably a case too questionable for HTGAWM

How To Get Away With Murder hasn’t been very subtle about its build up to introducing Laurel’s father to the story. Last season, Laurel reminded us repeatedly how bad of a guy he is without really going into much detail about what he does or why he’s bad. And Annalise seemed to know about him and his badness, too, though we didn’t get much more information from her. At long last, Laurel’s father enters the picture and is immediately connected to one of the season’s ongoing mysteries. He knows how to find Frank. He also knows Laurel has been leaving Frank voicemails, because he tapped his daughter’s phone. Yeah, Laurel was right. Her dad does not seem like a great guy. But his entrance into the show seems more convenient than anything else, and the build up fizzles out quickly. It’s another …

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