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Newswire: The Simpsons is doing a VR couch gag for the next Treehouse Of Horror

The Simpsons is rapidly approaching its 600th episode of couch gags, blackboard sayings, and arguments about when the show stopped being good. To commemorate the anniversary (and/or throw fire onto said cantankerous discussions), Fox has announced that it’s planning a virtual reality-enhanced couch gag for the show’s upcoming Halloween special.

Deadline is reporting that Fox is working with Google Spotlight Stories on “Planet Of The Couches,” which promises to bring viewers into a virtual Springfield (but not, to be clear, the 1997 PC game Virtual Springfield). Available through Stories and the Google Cardboard app, the sequence is planned to work with the couch gag from October 16’s “Treehouse Of Horror XXVII,” allowing users to examine the Simpson home (and the concept of diminishing returns) in a full 360 degrees.

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