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Newswire: Nickelodeon uncovers a premiere date for its Legends Of The Hidden Temple movie

Nickelodeon released the first teaser for its live-action Legends Of The Hidden Temple movie back in July, giving ’90s kids (and actual kids) their first glimpses of the new, non-game show versions of Kirk Fogg, Olmec, and the useless children who apparently can’t do anything right. Now, Nickelodeon has announced that the made-for-TV movie will make its debut on November 26, giving fans more than a month to plan some kind of fun viewing party where everybody wears gold-painted bicycle helmets and those color-coded team shirts from the old show.

Granted, the movie looks like it’ll be more kid-oriented than it will be nostalgia-obsessed twentysomething-oriented, but maybe you’ll end up learning some kind of lesson about how unsatisfying it is to live in the past. At this point, Nickelodeon still hasn’t announced a similarly action-packed Double Dare movie, but it’s got to be in the …

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