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Newswire: Donald Trump clarifies he was only shitty to women as his Apprentice character

Much of the talk about Donald Trump the past few weeks has concerned his troubling behavior toward women, and much of this delivered in increasingly exasperated, incredulous tones and followed by, “I mean… Come on… Are we …? You hear this stuff, right?” Whether it’s his calling for national referendums on Alicia Machado’s weight, or the Associated Press collecting enough stories of backstage sexual harassment on The Apprentice to fill an especially grueling DVD extra, the persistent, angry throb of America’s ruptured gonad continues to make sex a real issue. Fortunately, we can all relax about that and focus on our anxieties. These sexist statements were made not by the Donald Trump pretending to be president, but by the Donald Trump who was pretending for the sake of his far more popular TV show.

“A lot of this is done in the entertainment business,” Trump said of this …

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