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Great Job, Internet!: Vanilla Ice won’t stop, collaborate, or listen, decides to ride out Hurricane Matthew

If Vanilla Ice’s career has proven anything, it’s that he’s a lot tougher than people give him credit for. He’s a very specific kind of artist from a very specific era of music, and he kind of became a joke right out of the gate. Still, he has persevered, and as ‘90s nostalgia has become an unstoppable industry all on its own, Vanilla Ice has made the comfortable transition from “famous guy that nobody really cares about” to “regular famous guy,” leaving him free to live his life however he sees fit.

That brings us to Hurricane Matthew, which is sort of a perfect storm (so to speak) for Vanilla Ice’s toughness and current fame status. See, the Ice Ice Baby himself happens to live right in the path of the storm, and he has decided that he’d rather face it head on than …

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