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Disney, Google Won’t Purchase Twitter

Disney and Google are not going to make previously expected bids to purchase Twitter, according to Recode.

The tech website reported that Disney was “mulling” whether or not to purchase the company as recently as last week, but has decided not to move forward. Earlier on Wednesday, the site shot down rumors that Google was going to purchase Twitter.

“By the way, a lack of a Twitter bid by Google or Apple probably raises the likelihood that you are never going to see one from Facebook either,” Recode’s Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner wrote.

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As Recode points out, Disney appeared to be a natural fit because of the close relationship between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, but it’s not happening. The site also noted that Apple is unlikely to make a bid and mentioned Salesforce as a potential buyer.

Salesforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff appeared on CNBC Wednesday, and Jim Cramer suggested that Benioff should simply invent something better than Twitter instead of purchasing the existing company.

Benioff didn’t provide a specific answer and pointed to the success of his Commerce Cloud.

Twitter will be sold to somebody but Salesforce is currently the only known candidate. Various contenders in the media, private equity and telecom industries should start to emerge in the near future.

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