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Coming Distractions: Something’s hiding in the woods in the trailer for The Monster

It’s been eight long years since Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers hit theaters, and considering that his followup, 2014’s Mockingbird, failed to make much of an impact, the writer/director/producer has something to prove with his new film, The Monster. And from the looks of the first trailer, The Monster is all about the execution, telling the simplest of horror tales with stylistic panache. (It’s also being distributed by A24, the company behind Green Room, The Witch, and The Lobster, so that’s a good sign.)

Zoe Kazan stars as a divorced single mom who’s driving with her young daughter on a deserted country road when their car collides with…some sort of animal late one rainy night. Waiting for help to arrive, the mother and daughter realize that they are definitely not alone in the woods.

The Monster is available now on DirecTV, and …

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